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What is the meaning of prize

Mr Grant said the prizes had been awarded by a marketing company with which Sutton Hall was no longer associated.
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprizeprize1 /praz/ S2 W2 noun countable 1 WINsomething that is given to someone who is successful in a competition, race, game of chance etc In this months competition you could win a prize worth 3,000.Something that the owner considers to be so valuable that he does not wish to part from.A list of prize winners will appear in net week's issue.Consolation prize: an award given to those who do not win.E., to carry off the prize.There are no prizes for wgc cadillac prize money guessing why this should.Prized is rather different.One of the team's prize players Now he wanted the prize possession of my autograph.From Longman Business Dictionaryprizeprize1 /praz/ noun countable something that is very valuable or important to haveWith a portfolio of 1 billion, Amerco is an attractive e administration has worked behind the.Meaning of Pris Pris means: See Price, and 1st Prize.Official prizes often involve monetary rewards as well as the fame that comes with them.
It was something else to tell that to a highly prized research scientist, engineer, or computer programmer.
Bank pressures already have forced them to sell off 30 prized purebred heifers to raise money to pay back debt.
This was often a particular ship, that the crew would be seeking, for instance a Spanish Galleon laden with gold from the Main.
Meaning of Prize Prize means: Estimation; valuation.
Silver and gold are rare and were prized for their monetary value, appearance and resistance to corrosion.
Origin prize1 (1500-1600) prise, an earlier form of price; price1.
Meaning of desmond desmond means: Noun.This means that if the boar entered a contest, it would have a good chance of winning.You learn *such* a lot of useless information!).Escamillo became a swaggering prize fighter named Husky Miller.Meaning of Widows Man, widows Man means: Naval slang for a non-existent seaman whose name was in the ships books, his pay and prize-money going to the Greenwich Hospital or to a fund for naval widows.Gree means: The prize; the honor of the day; as, to bear the gree,.Prizeprize3 adjective only before noun 1 WINgood enough to win a prize or having won a prize He has spent months cultivating what he hopes are prize flowers.Prizeprize2 verb transitive 1 valueto think that someone or something is very important or valuable He is someone who prizes truth and decency above all things.I can not completely conform in this culture that prizes conformity so I might as well act as freely as I wish.

A prize goes to somebody (they get it)The fiction prize goes to Carol jectives/noun prizefirst/second etc prizeShe won first prize in a poetry e top prizeThe film won the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival.
Abbreviation of Reverend Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.