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How to win pandemic 2 relaxed

Sneezing, coughing, sweating) Get the clinique party favourites gift set cheap stuff.
Where ever cheap christmas gifts reddit you start click the fast forward button and collect as many point as you want the least you can do to still work will be to wait atleast 10 days by that point you should acumlate 30.I went with Virus but was able to replicate this strategy with all three methods.Stop listening to the cheats that tell you to sell your one trait - it doesn't work.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Unlock all the tears for symtoms and buy the most lethal.Click and drag the red box across the smaller map to move the larger map.This IS ALL FOR virus BTW.Do not buy the drug resistance yet.You should have at least fifty, maybe even a hundred evolution points, so you may as well buy tier four stuff (heart and brain faliure).5) Wait until all the rest of the regions become infected.
There is a good chance you will have started in madagascar, if you didn't start in madagascar try again.
This strategy is key to winning the game.
When you get back you should have lots of points (Unless you only went for 20 minutes).
I was started in Cuba with following traits: catching: your disease is naturally airborne, don't have to buy it :D Mutator: disease evolves quickly, harder to make vaccine Durable: heat resistance 1 t's pretty badass.Choose realistic mode, virus, and name it pandemic.Note that sometimes vaccine doesn't work, or even makes you more lethal, but two times out of the four times vaccine has been developed in my games it works, and prevents me killing people (but that was before I evolved to be deadly).Step 1: Choose the Virus step 2: Name it Swine Flu (this always helps me take madagascar) step 3: Sell your Symptom(s) step 4: Wait untill you have 45 evolution points step 5: Unlock all the tiers under symptoms step 6: Wait a while longer.Your lucky if it starts in greenland(this is where i started) * First, sell ur trait u get first * Wait a while to get a few points * Buy all resistances(except cold and drug, u will get later) * Wait a while.dont get any resistance, get all transition ways asap.If youre lucky, it might spread far enough, and quick enough, before countries start closing off.Once finished, activate airborne and water spread methods.Viruses reports: VA-1-A through C Aquired every area except madagascar VA-3-A through B Aquired Europe or America, neither both.First, choose relaxed and pick a Virus, name it whatever.

Than start the game.
Buy Heat IV and Cold.