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How to make polo gift wrap

Lastly you will end up with 3-4 pleats and some extra wrapping paper for the finishing touch.
Once your finished you will be left with a unique gift with pleats and a homemade bow.
Note: this is also my first instructable ever so bare with me if it is unorganized or a little confusing.
My friend tried to wrap them just from watching videos, and she left too much space at the bottem of the wrap.Secure them, as well.Fold the right and left sides of the material in over the gift like you would traditional wrapping paper.This instructable will show you how to wrap presents with pleats to give them a unique look.Wrap another piece of tulle around the package, or use ribbon if you prefer.Use the ruler to make a even fold and then fold up the flap and tape it down.Measure the wrapping paper and cut.Using the left over scraps, unroll them and use the straight edge to cut them into 6 strips.Lay the tulle on a flat surface and place the gift in the center of the tulle.Start off by tapping the starting point down to keep the wrapping paper in place.Cora 2 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment.
You can practice wrapping them on your own, but don't ever ride in them until you have an experienced person show you.
Use tulle as a creative way to wrap, conceal or present gifts for a birthday, wedding, baby shower or other special event.
Gather the tulle around the gift, making sure you leave enough to cover the entire gift.
Start off by unrolling your wrapping paper and placing your gift on the paper so you can get a pretty good idea of the amount of paper you will need to use to cover the gift.
Using tulle as gift wrap allows your gift to blend in with the decorations.
Next on the opposite side crease the paper for reference.Tips, layering multiple pieces of tulle will make it harder to see through the material.You will do this for all the strips until you finish the bow.Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each layer of tulle, if you are using multiple layers.Measure the side of the present and cut extra wrapping paper alongside the box.Take the paper and fold it back to the edge.Ryan Corrigan, LVT, licensed Veterinary Technician, ryan Corrigan is a Licensed Veterinary Technician in California.Turn the package and fold in the other two sides.Alternatively, hold the gathered tulle above the gift and tie a ribbon or tulle bow aaa discount tickets los angeles zoo around it if for a gift bag effect.Once they are taped down you will notice that they start to curl and you want to make them curl up to the weave and then tape them down.Next fold down the top flap fold in the corners as shown in the pictures.Question, why do you wrap your horse's legs?Here are the last steps on how to make the bow!Start with taping down the pleated sides as showing in the picture to make it easier when folding in the sides.

This step will be repeated on the opposite side.