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Did america win the afghanistan war

did america win the afghanistan war

That is absent right now with the volunteer army.
It was agreed to by General Petraeus, Adm.
United States wars, interventions, regime changes, nation-building, operations and attacks since the end of toys r us crayola sweepstakes wwii.And hope he will succses morad Khan: America not want finished war in Afghanistan laurel caverns discount coupons after 40 years war in Afghanistan in Afghanistan total 5000 taliban and nato army 20000.But this fucking country will never win any war.All he did was hurt our families who lived on base and majorly screwed us on training new guys coming into the unit.In June 2008, McNeill complained that his command was under resourced and that the lack of resources had been a constant theme since Ive been here.The reason for that is that US military planners have made sure that the numbers of US casualties are very low.The president approved thirty thousand additional troops.We are developing a strategy, and we are in discussions with the secretary and the department right now, he told the Senate Armed Services Committee.The country was severely divided by the warlords following the fall of the socialist government of Afghanistan in the early 1990s.BB: Yes, the combination of the absence of a selective service a conscripted army, whereby the burden of a foreign war had to be shared by the entire population, and the low number of American casualties the two things that have prevented the crystallization.
However, the Pentagon keeps considering whether to send more troops to the country.
McCain and Graham claim that in recent years the.S.
Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian.
BB: The component that existed in Vietnam and that is missing in Afghanistan is that in the Vietnam War in millions of Americans were in the street demanding the war end.
Because war on Afghanistan has worked so well so far, right?
He said an additional twenty thousand troops should do achieve that goal.Truman (1945-1953) - Syrian Coup, 1949 - Albania Subversion, Korean War, First Indochina War, 1950 Onward - CIA Tibetan Program, 1951 Onward Eisenhower (1953-1961) - Iranian Coup, 1953 - Guatemalan Coup, 1954 - First Indochina War, Continued until 1954 - Vietnam War, 1955 Onward.Was it for oil?But the missing component here is that huge surge of anti-war opinion among the population.What was needed, he continued, was a new strategy and more resources.They also noted that it is imperative that we see our mission through to success.Ssein, did as much as he could to screw us over and take away from us as many benefits as he could.General Petraeus and Admiral Mullen both said they would not return later and said America should stay forever if the surge did not work.Or was it because Saddam Hussein was a mass-murdering dictator who harbored terrorists and threatened.President Obama is routinely blamed for setting artificial deadlines in Afghanistan, calling for the withdrawal of the troops to begin by the summer of 2011.Money talks, and the rest of us can just shut the f*k.Following rules of engagements is why Isis has lasted so long.Mike Mullen, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and General McChrystal.

I served in Afghanistan at the height of the 2010 surge and can confirm that even with more than one hundred thousand.S.